Rent with Confidence. We take great care of our Owners & Guests.

Vacation Cottage Services for Owners

Our Primary Service Objective:

We provide Cottage Owners with information, assistance and specialized services so that your property can attract Vacation Guests and provide those Guests with an excellent vacation experience.

Our Operating Ideals:

We look for guests on your behalf who will cherish the traditional summer vacations at the Lake just like we do. By sharing what we have as Owners we can help families and couples who want to make their own, "At The Cottage Memories".  
In a way of thinking, our Guests pay for a share of the Cottage and we, as Owners, obtain financial assistance to keep the Cottage for years to come ... and when the magic all works, the same Guests come back year after year.

Renting - What We Do:

There are many components that we handle and bring together so that your Cottage can be properly and effectively marketed to potential Guests.

  • We visit you at your cottage.  There we will first and foremost discuss your questions and requirements so that we can manage our relationship and the management of your property with your needs top-of-mind.
  • We then start to work on collecting information on your cottage, lake and surrounding area.  We capture factual information so that we market only what your Cottage has to offer.  We like to understand some of the local folklore and special things you can tell us.  This helps us describe your cottage in a more intimate way when we talk to potential Guests.
  • We take pictures of everything on the property inside and out.  Ideally your cottage should look like it will for the Guests so that we can portray it at the level the Guests will expect.  Remember that when we ask the Guests to leave the Cottage as they found it so, it is very important that we show those Guests what clean and tidy looks like in the photos and when they arrive. 
  • During the course of our interview with you, we will gather detailed Amenity & Features information that summarizes what you are offering with the rental.  Items such as toasters, TV’s, Internet access, number of bedrooms, types of beds all the way to water toys, etc.                        
  • We will also put a Property Information package together, which documents standard rules and procedures when using the cottage facilities, what to do with garbage, where the nearest hospital is, fire regulations and how to check on fire bans, special information about the drinking water and the septic system and so forth. 
  • Finally, we take the information gathered and do a competitive analysis within your area and recommend a rental rate for you.  Often we can give you a ballpark up front but we do need to complete the local analysis to be sure we are pricing your place to be competitive with other similar properties in the area. 

The above activities will take time to complete accurately depending on the size of the property.  You should plan on a 2 to 3 hour meeting with us to complete the first cut.  We will take that information back to our office and formalize it.  Once we are done we will send the finished materials and rental rate to you for validation, approval and updates if needed.

Listing your Cottage:

Once we have the pictures, description, rate and supporting documents mentioned above, we:

  • List your property on popular vacation web sites oriented to Cottage rentals in Canada.  These listings consist of pictures, descriptions, location and rates.
  • We maintain a presence on Regional Tourism sites and Business Association sites that we belong to.
  • We then add it to our web site and develop additional richer content such as pictorial tours on
  • We also promote our business through social media.   

All of this gives you extensive exposure to the most popular media sites the Internet has to offer so that families and couples can find your property and rent it.

Taking Bookings:

As your Rental Management Agent, at all times we act on your behalf.  We are the first point of contact for the Guests, working directly with them in completing a rental agreement; collecting the money and making sure they are aware of everything they need to know so that they can have the best experience possible.

The majority of our Owners ask us to screen for families and couples who want a Cottage Vacation Experience.   From the last week of June through to the third week of September we only take weekly bookings unless we have your prior approval.  If we do not see or hear the types of things we are screening for on the application, we will talk directly to the potential Guests to obtain details about the groups. 

As the vacation period approaches, we send additional information to the Guests 6 and 4 weeks in advance.   A map to the property and entry code is sent 2 weeks ahead of their vacation.

Collecting and Storing the Payment:

Cottage Care Rentals is a TICO certified Rental Agency #50021188 (  As such we are governed by Ontario Law to retain all deposits inside an Ontario Travel Industry Trust Account until the vacation has been experienced or other contractual timelines have been met.  We are required to maintain monthly reports and be available for audits on demand to ensure that the Guest’s and Your money are protected.

Guest Changeover, Cleaning and On Call Services:

We encourage our Owners to organize an on call person and a checker/cleaner for Guest changeovers as much as possible so that you or someone you know can keep an eye on things.  For Owners who do not have the time or resources, we can coordinate all this for you at additional fees in areas where we have reliable sub contractors.

Unless a cleaning service is provided, Guests agree to leave the Cottage as they found it.  In some cases, we include the cost of cleaning into the rental rate and offer cleaning as part of the package.  In some cases we can arrange for a laundry service when requested.  We provide a cleaning checklist that advises the checkers or the Guests of the cleaning expectations.

The Guest change over time varies with the size of the cottage.  Even when the cottage is left clean by the Guests it is imperative that at a minimum:

  • Careful checking of toilettes, showers, kitchen appliances, etc. are organized and clean as if one was walking into a clean hotel suite.
  • Initial supplies of paper towel, toilet paper and Kleenex is restocked to the starting supply level.  In some cases, Owners provide all of these as part of the rental.
  • Water toys and outside amenities need to be checked and organized.
  • The BBQ is clean and the tank has fuel in it and that the spare tank is full. 

Payments to you:

Once the Guests have experienced their vacation we remove money from our Ontario Travel Industry Trust Account and process payment to you two business days after the Guests depart.

Property Management Services:

Responding to an increasing demand from some Owners, we can also provide Property Management Services in areas where we have reliable local help.  We will find the right set of resources and coordinate activities on your behalf in order to maintain the basic operation and cleanliness of your cottage.  For larger jobs or emergencies, in most cases we can source the right help or link you directly with local Contractors if you prefer.  We do not take on large work requests where we would be deemed a General Contractor.

Areas We Service:

We serve a very easy to reach area in Cottage Country of between 2 and 3 hours from the Greater Toronto Area.  We are situated in Haliburton, Ontario.  From here we are central to Kawartha Lakes, Algonquin, and of course, all of Haliburton County.  We have cottages in all of these areas.