Rent with Confidence. We take great care of our Owners & Guests.

Cottage Care Rentals' Owner Testimonials


Cottage Care Rentals has looked out for the well-being of our cottage since the winter of 2017/2018.  They take care of maintaining the property, applying maintenance to the building and amenities as needed as well as paying the Utility bills.  They also screen for and take care of the guests who have enjoyed the cottage and the many guests who come back every year.

We visit the cottage once or twice per year when Don and Cheryl give us an annual financial update.  They also keep us informed throughout the year of any actions they need or want to take.  We very much appreciate their diligence and they have earned our trust in keeping such good care of our asset.

Each time we visit the cottage it is obvious that it has been very well cared for as if it were their own property.  We are so pleased to visit and enter the cottage and have it clean and organized.  We can imagine how wonderful this would be for the guests that Cottage Care brings to the cottage.

In addition to the above, the most important point is the personal touch that Don and Cheryl provide.  Despite their ever-growing business and the number of properties they manage, they always make us feel like we are their only customer.  They always accommodate our busy schedule; they are incredibly responsive to emails and their attention to every little detail is incredible. Not only do they notice and manage every little detail of our property, but they do it in such a personal way.

I would highly recommend the Cottage Care Team to attract quality guests and to take great care of any cottage.

C W Pencil Lake

This year will mark the second summer I have entrusted Cottage Care Rentals with the seasonal renting of my mother's home on Lake Kashagawigamog. My mother's home is rented to generate income to help pay for her care. Starting from scratch, Cottage Care Rentals managed to rent my mother's home every week of the first summer. The upcoming summer is on track to repeat that success.

I am pleased that Cottage Care Rentals tailored the rental fees to maximize market appeal and income stream. One of their many strengths is communication. I am always kept 'up to speed' with any developments.

W LKashagawigamog Lake

This is our second year with Cottage Care Rentals. Their business model is more personal than we experienced with our previous agency (5 years) and the difference is palpable. Their attention to detail is excellent, and though very busy with clients and renters, always find the time to keep us in the loop.

The renters found by Cottage Care Rentals were respectful of the property, and with encouragement after their visits, provided us with valuable feedback that we could apply moving forward. And with the exception of one week, we’re fully booked for the coming season. We have recommended them to several friends with cottages, and will

continue to do so.

Happy clients,

D A - Boshkung Lake