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Property Management Services: In areas where we have reliable local help, we coordinate resources and activities to maintain the basic operation, functional aspects, maintenance and cleanliness of your cottage and property. Below are some of the services we can provide.

Cottage Care Rentals and Property Management provides cottage Owners with professional care you can trust!

We provide information, assistance and specialized services so that your property can generate income through Guest Vacations… and provide those Guests with an excellent and memorable vacation experience.

Graphic of hand holding a house ACCOUNTABLE...Our In-house Property Management Team has a vested interest in the care of your cottage asset. It matters to us that we take great care of our Owners and Guests.
Graphic depicting mindfulness MINDFUL...We carefully match owner requirements to those of guests for Professionally Managed Vacations.
Graphic depicting computer connection CONNECTED...Using custom technology and global marketing platform, we connect your cottage to guests around the world, with a seamless interface to our online screening and booking process.
Graphic depicting light bulb INNOVATIVE...From Owner Financial Management and Reporting to Executing Concierge packages.
Graphic depicting two hands in hand shake EASY...Arranging a meeting is easy – at a time convenient for you, we will visit you at your cottage, answer all your questions and provide you with the best advice.


 The Run Down:

Marketing Your Cottage

Listing your Cottage

Areas We Service

Property Management Services

Guest Changeovers, Cleaning and On Call Services

Concierge Services

Fees & Payments

Marketing Your Cottage

There are many components that we bring together to effectively market your cottage. It starts during our visit with you at your cottage:

  • We visit you at your cottage. There we will first and foremost discuss and answer all your questions and requirements to ensure we have a complete understanding of your property and rental requirements.
  • We collect information about your cottage, lake and surrounding area. To help describe your cottage, we love to hear some of the local folklore and special things you can tell us.
  • We photograph everything on the property inside and out. Your cottage should be staged like it will be for the Guests so that we can portray it accurately. We ask the Guests to leave the Cottage as they found it so, it is very important that we show those Guests what clean and tidy looks like in the photos and when they arrive. 
  • We document the amenities & features that you are offering with the rental. Items such as toasters, TVs, internet access, number of bedrooms, types of beds, what type of water toys will be available to guests, etc.
  • We put a Property Information package together, our "Welcome Book," which documents standard rules and procedures when using the cottage facilities, what to do with garbage, fire regulations and how to check on fire bans, special information about the drinking water and the septic system and so forth.                     
  • We discuss the rental rate and any other guest services offered at your cottage. We take the information gathered and do a competitive analysis within your area and recommend a rental rate for you. 

These activities take time to complete accurately depending on the size of the property.  Please plan on a 2 to 3 hour meeting. After which, all the information gathered is formally prepared and sent to you for your review and approval.

We screen primarily for families and older adults looking for a Cottage Vacation Experience. From the last week of June to the third week of September we only take weekly bookings, unless we have your prior approval. The number of weeks an owner makes available varies, we request that 3 prime summer weeks are available for rent. Fall and winter rentals are great too!

As the vacation period approaches, we send automatic notifications to the Guests with pertinent information about their booking. These occur at 10 weeks, 60 days and 2 weeks in advance of their check-in date. A map to the property and entry code to the cottage is sent 2 weeks prior to their vacation. As an Owner, you will be automatically notified once we have taken a booking. You will also be notified at 1 week prior to their arrival as a "reminder" email of the up and coming stay. Our service teams, care-takers and grounds keepers, recevie the same notices which acts to schedule them in after each booking. 

Listing your Cottage

Once we have the pictures, cottage description, rental rate and supporting documents mentioned above, we:

  • List your property on
  • We maintain a presence on Regional Tourism sites and Business Association sites.
  • We also promote our business through social media outlets and our Blog (  

All of this gives you extensive exposure so that families and couples can find your property for their next cottage vacation.

Using the latest technology and global marketing platforms, we connect your cottage to guests around the world, with a seamless interface to our online screening and booking process. We are the first point of contact for Guests: working directly with them in gathering details, completing a rental agreement, collecting money and ensuring they are aware of lake and cottage information so they can have the best experience possible.

Areas We Service

Situated in the Haliburton Highlands, where we are central to Muskoka, Kawartha Lakes, Algonquin, and of course, all of Haliburton County. We can provide you with our 360- degree Property Management if central to the Haliburton area, however we strive to help you in every location, find reliable and trustworthy service people if we are not able to service you with our in-house resources.

Property Management Services

In areas where we have reliable local help, we coordinate resources and activities to maintain the basic operation, functional aspects, maintenance and cleanliness of your cottage and property. Below are some of the services we can provide.

Cottage Care

  • Spring & Fall Deep Cleans
  • Cleaning & Re-staging between Guests
  • On-Call Services
  • Organizing Solutions
  • Concierge Services

Property Maintenance

  • Scheduled Lawn Care
  • Spring/Fall Preparation
  • Garbage Collection
  • Scheduled BBQ & Fire Pit Cleans
  • Garden Bed Maintenance
  • Tree Care & Pruning
  • Property Staging
  • Maintain Functional Aspects

We have an in-house team of experienced Property Management professionals with an exciting new addition of the Property Enhancement Team, who are able to work with you on a variety of projects!

Property Enhancements

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Gazebos & Pergolas
  • Decks & Docks
  • Timber Accents
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Lakeside Saunas

Guest Changeovers, Cleaning and On Call Services

For Owners who do not have the time or resources to organize an on-call person and a cleaner for Guest changeovers, we can coordinate this for you at additional fees, in areas where we have reliable sub-contractors.

In areas where we do not have reliable resources, our Owners will have to organize an on-call person and a cleaner for Guest changeovers.

If we are doing the inspection/clean between guests, we select a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday changeover, depending on our schedules. If you are coordinating the changeover, you can pick any of those days.

A changeover involves a cottage inspection: sanitization and re-stage plus verify that nothing was broken or left behind, replace empty BBQ tanks, put out the welcome book and landfill pass/"Cottage Kit," a final sweep and mop if necessary.

Our fee for Changeovers is based on the size of the cottage, plus any consumables we need to manage such as refilling a BBQ tank, replenishing starter supply of paper products and replenishing basic cleaning supplies for guests to use throughout their stay i.e. all-purpose cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap, dishwasher soap.

Even when the cottage is left clean by the Guests it is imperative that at a minimum:

  • Kitchen(s) and their appliances, and bathroom(s) are cleaned and sanitized,
  • All high-touch surfaces are sanitized,
  • Initial supplies of paper towel, toilet paper and tissue are replenished, hand soap is refilled, cleaning supplies are at least half-full,
  • Water toys, outside amenities and grounds are inspected and reorganized,
  • BBQ is clean, one tank has fuel and that the spare tank is full.

In the Rental Agreement, guests agree to leave the Cottage as they found it, unless a cleaning service is prearranged or provided. In some cases, we include the cost of cleaning into the rental rate and offer cleaning as part of the package.

We customize a ‘Welcome to the Lake’ Guest book which contains all the pertinent information the guests require along with a detailed cleaning check list.

On-Call: (24/7 service)

If you choose our On-Call service for any guest issues, the fee is based on the complexity of the cottage. If we need to deploy resources, we have a skilled in-house maintenance team along with several preferred contractors depending on the issue. We will coordinate their efforts, pay the contractors and charge you back the time, materials and an admin fee out of the rental proceeds. The fees we are charged vary, depending on time of day and day of week.

Concierge Services

Professionally managed guest vacations with Concierge services for both Owners and Guests.

  • Linen & Cleaning Services
  • Non-motorized Watercraft Rentals (Kayaks, SUPs and Canoes)
  • Private Chef Experiences
  • Shopping Service (For Owners)
  • Assistance in finding the right activity or experience in the Haliburton Highlands

Fees & Payments

We offer a tiered commission structure based on the weekly rental rate of the cottage for rental management services. Property Management services are priced per the scope of the property and services required. Rental funds from guests are held in our Trust account until the guest has completed their stay. Funds are dispersed to you (net payout) and us (Commission and applicable Property Management fees) after each guest has departed their stay. We use an online Electronic Funds Transfer Service to deposit the net proceeds directly to your bank and provide a corresponding statement emailed to you.

Cottage Care Rentals Inc. is a TICO certified Rental Agency #50021188 ( As such we are governed by Ontario Law to retain all deposits inside an Ontario Travel Industry Trust Account until the vacation has been experienced or other contractual timelines have been met. We are required to maintain monthly reports and be available for audits on demand to ensure that the Guest’s and Your money are protected.

For more detailed information: 

Contact us at 705-457-3306